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Are you looking to get your dealership online?

Are you currently with another provider, but not happy with the results.

Then lotBOT has the solution for you!

Unlike many other Auto Dealer Website Providers, lotBOT is always looking towards tomorrow's technology, not what's hot today. We're not interested in which hot topics mentioned at auto dealer conferences draw you into looking into other technologies.

Our DealerSitEZ  service is just as the name implies, Auto Dealer Sites made EZ.

We have many packages of all sizes and prices to fit every budget. Whether you have 10 0r 1,000 vehicles on your lot, Dealer SitEZ can help you.

Prices and packages vary and are determined on a case by case basis.

We have no set pricing.

We have no design limitations.

Short Term Contracts.

But, everything you dealership needs to succeed online.

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Corporate Headquarters:
Lyynx LLC.
2353 Saint Georges Ave.,
Rahway, NJ 07065

Phone:+1 866 697-3340
Fax:+1 732 956-3737

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